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I promise the format is going to stop changing soon (I hope)............ OTL

Like I said for the bonuses, they contain a bunch of spoilers. If you've read chapter 4 on SmackJeeves already, you should get an idea of what they are...

What do you think of the story so far? Any favourite character yet? Any theories?? I love hearing these thoughts! >v>
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Zhleio Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
omg I love this chapter *q*

I know Lum's not from the clan, but I haven't seen enough to know about Natsu or Furasshu(I can only presume she's in the clear though),
but the amusing dialogue on the chapter's second last page -coughbloodonpantscough- might tell something else about Natsu xDD
Maybe I haven't been attentive enough, but Natsu seems like the only one I've seen with wings. I thought he was Lum's sister just because she's adopted or something, but are they biological or are Natsu's parents actually intruders as well... AAAAH I SHOULD SHUT UP UNTIL YOU'VE SUBMITTED THE CHAPTERS -jumps-

amg sorryyy for taking so long I'll finish the art trade soon during the weekends, I've been too sickly lately and everything
ClefdeSoll Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
HEHEHEHEE I LOVE THESE KIND OF COMMENTS <3 I'll answer to some questions, but not if they give out spoilers!

I really love the second last page IT'S LIKE MY FAVOURITE EVER OK hehehehe <3333 I cried every minute I worked on the dialogue (which means when I did the storyboard, when I added the french text and when I translated it to english XD)

Natsu isn't the only one who has wings, but there aren't too many of them in Light Clan :Y I haven't really noticed myself, but I don't recall drawing more, so you might be right. He gets them from his mother, to be exact. Wings aren't a common thing on Cisum, but they're not really rare either~

As for Lum, she's not adopted. The colours of your skin and hair comes from the place you were born, along with a few other factors such as genetic. Lum's mother (Yokoka), is albinos, and the rest of her family were born on the surface. The Moon Clan is divided in two, and Lum was born underground, which gives dark fur and light hair. Because she's the only one of her family to be black, Java calls her 'black sheep'. They don't really know why she was born so different though, but that's a spoiler ;B

As for Natsu's parents, you know his father, but his mother isn't introduced yet. Java is Lum's aunt and she's going out with his dad, but they aren't related. This will become clearer in future chapters, but you can still catch hints of that if you're careful. <3

A LOT has to be going on in ETCZ, so the reason I answered your questions is because they'll most likely be answered in the story.... around chapter 50 maybe. TOO MUCH THINGS GOING ON AAAAAH ;7;

Zhleio Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
LOL I thought you'd just say 'go read the chapters when they appear', Thanks for the anwsers *q*


I guess no one minds too much if a Cisum has a waaaay different fur/skin color compared to the rest, since they know how themselves work. (unless the clan doesn't have certain places or something and they see someone who's supposed to come from those places)
OH AND Yokoka, she has two other versions in two other stories right? Then again some of your stories fit together so I wouldn't be surprised if alternates/the same character appears in more than one story xDD

Because not everyone(at least, I think)'s name is listed when they appear I think I'll get confused until the refs appear, so idk xDD

It seems like I mostly got only the Cisum biology and family relationships answered, since spoilers are in the events, but I don't mind *q* ALL THESE PLOTS -explosion-
ClefdeSoll Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
As long as it's not giving major spoilers, I love answering things C: Specially for ETCZ, since Cisum is SO HUGE and it's hard to put everything in the comic @__@;;; Which is actually a SEQUEL so I have to make it so people who didn't read the novel can still understand everything.

And yeah, they're not too picky on someone's colours, but it's easy to tell where they were born!~ As a general rule, in the poles you get very pale colours (Furasshu was born near the north pole), underwater you get shades of blue, underground you're dark with pale hair, in the forest you get vibrant colours, in the dreams clan you get purples, in darkness clan you're all dark colours. In most other areas, you get medium tones with more or less dark hair anddddd in the desert you're all earth tones <':

And it's not unnatural for them to visit other clans for training, so if they give birth there, the baby can look different. Also some people change clans (immigrate), so they all knew Lum came from the outside, but didn't bother her too much about it. She's also Kitty and Aqua's cousin, so that kills a lot of suspicion (you'll find out later this is exactly why they've come to the Light Clan!)

As for Yokoka, yes, as a matter of fact she has 3 versions total; Yokoka's Quest (her novel), Yokoka's Quest 2 (the sequel to the novel) and ETCZ (see why I say it's a sequel?)

And yeah, it gets hard to include last names sometimes, so here you go =v=!

Yokoka Hoshi
Tsuki Akatsuki
Lumina Akatsuki
Natsu Shima
Furasshu Tenki
Waru Korosu
Skye Tsubasa
Kitty & Aqua Hoshi

Once I get my butt to it, I'll work on the website, which will explain all of the Cisum universe for those who want to get to know the universe better~ 
Zhleio Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
Wow o-o

That's quite a lot of room for difference, I guess a clan member might be mistaken for being from other clans sometimes because of their color.

Do certain clan have rivalries or is the system just weird? Lum and her friends weren't called out until Skye came in(if he's Moon Clan too, which he most likely is, that's just confusing o-o). And Waru certainly looks different xDD(and somehow he managed to pop out of the school with ease)

Welp, I'll stop asking and just wait for the updates and stuff in time.
ClefdeSoll Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
yeah yeah! uwu and as you can tell, most people aren't very keen to the idea of people they haven't grown up with.

And yes, every Clan has its own rules and way of working C: You get to see Lightning Clan (along with some of Furasshu's background story) in chapter 5 (which only needs to be translated and posted!).

Moon and Lightning have a huge rivalry going on, mainly because their territory is close, and Lightning is just pretty hostile. Moon does everything according to honour, so refusing or losing a fight is not an option.

Light Clan is just pretty bad at deadling with things. Prince (the leader) is just so certain that his Clan is righteous that he's grown pretty laid back. In chapter 8 or so, you'll see him dealing with the whole intruder situation and he's got his work cut out for him :P

As for why Lum & cie were only found out when Skye and Itsumo showed up, that's because they managed to enter the Clan subtly, while the two others pretty much entered without a care about if they'd be found out or not. Since most demons can shapeshift, they called an intruder alert in the building they hid in to see if they hadn't transformed into a student, thus catching our three protagonists.

Waru is a case of his own. As you can probably tell, he's not from the Light Clan, but I won't tell you more :B

Oh, as for the birthmarks, they can be anywhere on their body and are 'enchanted' when they get named (kind of like how babies in catholic religion get holy water and whatnot, I don't know the english word, and get officially named) so that if they go out without permission, showing it will make it bleed. It can be anywhere, any size, but it's the form of their birthmark. The colour will be the colour of the 'soul'. Lum has it on her right eye, Furasshu on her left boob and Natsu on his butt :'D Waru has them on his cheeks and he will have them show up permanently later on (which is also an option).
Zhleio Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
I'm not very keen with a certain Stranger in my house that has been around since I was born xDD

I guess certain Cisum in the same clan has similiarities in personality(may also depend on all that influence stuff)? Furasshu isn't exactly hostile, but she's pretty much challenging Lum and stuff whenever she wants to.
Gee, was the academy(or whatever) more on-guard than the other places in the clan? They got in pretty easy xDD
So if they have three, the peeps pretty much have to pick two from them unless they find the other two(which would be easy if they hadn't changed shape).
Welp, that explains a lot xDD Thanks for the info on the logic of their world.
ClefdeSoll Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
LOL silbing? XD

yeah yeah, the 'tradition' of the clan, if you will, greatly affects the way they think and act. Fire Clan are pretty laid back, which is where Natsu gets that from! Of course, there are always exceptions ;D~ 

And no, it wasn't really more guarded, but that's where they started searching because that's where they were sighted uwu

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CactusMaid Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yup,pas évident de travailler seul sans assistant ^^"
ClefdeSoll Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
vraiment la ;7;;;;;

le probleme c'est que j'ai personne a qui je ferais assez confiance pour m'aider?? XD;;;
CactusMaid Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
On est dans le meme cas XD

Faut se soutenir =O !!!!
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